John-Andrew Morrison lives in the greatest city in the world, New York. He is an actor, singer who hails from Kingston, Jamaica. He usually refers to himself as a double and a half threat. He can do a mean touch-step. He has performed at theaters all across the US and internationally.  John-Andrew has sung for many composers in New York including, Silver and Frank, Michael R Jackson and Rachel Peters. One of his proudest moments was getting to sing for President Clinton with the composing team of Silver and Frank.


John-Andrew made his feature film debut last year with Morgan Nichols How to Make Movies at Home. Coming soon to a film festival and theatre near you. With Steven Strafford, John-Andrew produced the web talk show WebShow New York.

John-Andrew was very blessed to meet the director George Ferencz  (La Mama), who has been a mentor, employer and director on many plays, readings and events throughout the years. John-Andrew is a member of George Ferencz’s The Experimentals.   

John-Andrew is currently the videographer, editor and director for The TAI Group’s website and virtual learning environment content. He was the director of the latest edition of The Greenwich Village Follies. His main focus is in the creation and development of new works for the theatre and  musical theatre.