Video and Editing Reel

Marry Me  A Little
Two day filming of the Original Cast Recording with Three cameras, Boom Mics and XLR input into sound board. Multi-cam edit (FCPx)

Marry Me A Little
(Revival Original Cast Recording)

Videography /  Editing

Your Eyes Are So Blue / A Moment with You
(Revival Cast Recording)

Videography / Editing

Who Could be Blue / So Many People
(Revival Cast Recording)

Videography / Editing 

Keen Company
Promos and interviews 

Keen Teen Program Promo

The Film Society 
interview with Euan Morton

The Middle of the Night
Cast Interview

Corporate Video

Here is a sample of some more corporate work. This entire piece is shot in front of Green Screen




Live performance and Cabaret

Angela Shultz's cabaret Relaity Check  singing "Party Hat"