A Christmas Carol at Hartford Stage

John-Andrew Morrison plays Mr. Marvel.

Michael Preston as Ebenezer Scrooge. John-Andrew Morrison as Mr. Marvel The Watchwork Vendor.

Marley - The Musical


John-Andrew played JLP enforcer Claudie Massop in the world premiere of Marley at Center Stage theater.


The Greenwich Village Follies
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selected as one of 2011's most memorable stage performances from Backstage
A delightful salute to Greenwich Village's history and denizens, "The Greenwich Village Follies," Andrew Frank and Doug Silver's refreshing breeze of a show, was tuneful, literate, sassy, and sharp, a delightful throwback to the days of whip-smart musical revues once produced in Village boîtes by the likes of Julius Monk and Ben Bagley. It takes a special kind of performer to float such material, and the quartet of Meghann Dreyfuss, Patti Goettlicher, John-Andrew Morrison (who also directed), and Guy Olivieri proved to have the perfect sweet-and-sharp mix of flavors required. Innate, unforced charm is a rare commodity these days, and they possessed it in spades. It's a shame then that Manhattan Theatre Source's first open-ended production in its longtime Village home turned out to be its last, as financial problems forced the company to give up its lease. It remains a producing entity, however, so hopefully we will hear more from these bright and very talented youngsters.(backstage.com)





The Tooth Of Crime. by Sam Shepard
La Mama 45th Anniversary revival production
directed by George Ferencz 

with Ray Wise

John-Andrew as The Starman.


TENTAGATNET by Peter Dizozza

La Mama. directed by George Ferencz


Spunk Cincinnati Playhouse in the Park